Victoria Adrian is a Brooklyn based textile artist focusing in chain stitch embroidery, rug tufting, and tailoring.
Taking simple things and making them beautiful. A jacket transformed from outerwear, to wearable art. A rug that graduates from the floor, to a wall. That’s what Victoria Adrian does. Takes the everyday and makes it beautiful. In her hands, a length of thread becomes someone’s personal mantra. A few more stitches and art is born. Victoria’s mastery of chain stitching and rug tufting developed from her extensive experience with denim repair. Resuscitating remnants of tattered cloth and breathing new life into each and every one of them. In doing so, she grew to understand every thread that goes into creating a single piece. Look closely, and you’ll find stitched into each creation, is a little bit of herself. Her hometown of Detroit, where manufacturing was born. And every twist, turn, and detour she has taken to finally find herself in New York. Some write their biography, Victoria tells her story with every stitch.
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